Educational Events

Alberta Design Seminar Series – June 2016

Thank you to our speakers at our June 22 and 23 seminar!

Presentations from this session will not be posted but the speakers may be available for a lunch and learn at your office.
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Heavy Timber Budgeting
Andre Lema – Business Development, Western Archrib

Understanding the cost drivers in a heavy timber framing system can be simple and complicated. Glulam can be made into many different shapes and sizes and the cost implications can be missed.  It can be difficult to understand why one system costs more than another. How much impact do coatings have on the overall package cost? When should one system be chosen over another? Understand the design choice implications before a tender closes. Use glulam to gain maximum exposure without stepping outside your budget.

We will investigate the different options for connecting timber, material choices, and tools to choose the best system for the application.

Approved for one hour of professional development with Alberta Association of Architects. AIA course code: TimberCost_01

About Andre Lema
Graduate of NAIT in Building Construction Engineering, 3 years site experience, 10 years with a wood truss manufacturer and 17 years with Western Archrib in sales and marketing.

Sound Insulation of Wood-Frame Buildings
André Rioux – Vice President, AcoustiTECH

This presentation outlines basic acoustic principles and definitions, specifically the transfer of impact and airborne sounds in wood-frame buildings. Efficient means of acoustic insulation will be discussed using multiple case studies of recent floor-ceiling assemblies.

This presentation will benefit any professional such as architects, designers, acoustic engineers, builders, general contractors interested and/or concerned with acoustic insulation of wood-frame buildings.

Approved for one hour of professional development with Alberta Association of Architects. AIA course code: CDNWSF15_07

About André Rioux
Since the creation of AcoustiTECH in 2000, Andre has been traveling all over Canada, the United States and the UAE to make presentations to groups of architects, project managers, general contractors, flooring contractors and more.

Andre’s experience combined with the expertise of his team has resulted in AcoustiTECH being the number one reference in the field of acoustics for new and existing buildings.

After over 15 years, Andre continues to enjoy meeting with professionals and collaborating in the success of their projects.

Timber as a Structural Material – Using it effectively
Robin Zirnhelt, P.Eng – Senior Project Manager and Lead – Heavy Timber Engineering, ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

This session will look at timber as a structural material and explore the following topics:

  • What we’ve lost
  • Fun Structures
  • Heritage work
  • Recreational and Commercial buildings
  • Where the industry is heading
  • Innovation in connection design
  • Building a culture of wood

Gain confidence in specifying timber through historic examples, current examples, understanding rolls and responsibilities in specification and understanding the current state of the art.

About Robin Zirnhelt
Robin leads the Heavy Timber Engineering service line from the ISL Canmore office. His experience ranges from hands-on sawmilling and traditional timber joinery to 3D modelling and connection detailing for both traditional and highly-engineered structures. He has designed hundreds of architectural buildings and timber structures of varying sizes, acting as the engineer of record or a specialty engineer working for the supplier for design-build solutions.