Archived Workshops


was held on
February 4, 2016
8:30am – 5pm

Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre, 1316 33 Street NE, Calgary

Workshop approved for 6 structured professional development hours with the Alberta Association of Architects.

PDF’s of the presentations are posted!
The following presentation PDFs have been generously provided by the speakers as reference material to support the presentations given at the Workshop. Please respect that the material is copyright protected and do not use for purposes other than the intended use without permission of the presenter to whom the slides and copyright belong. (click on the presentation title to view PDF)

Fire Safety During the Course of Construction
Steve Craft, Ph. D., P. Eng., CHM Fire Consultants Ltd.

This presentation will include an overview of construction site fire statistics, current regulatory overview with a discussion of recent developments and the importance and major aspects of a construction site fire safety plan. The presentation will conclude with examples of what some companies have incorporated into their projects to help mitigate construction site fire risks.

Common Mid-Rise Structural Design Challenges – and Solutions
Steve McManus, P. Eng., Weyerhaeuser

Examining recent 6-storey projects, this presentation will highlight specific challenges, important details and procedures, and illustrate how various engineered wood products were applied strategically to ensure success.

Building Enclosures for 5 & 6 Storey Mid-Rise Wood Buildings – Lessons Learned & Best Practices
Slides 1-7
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Graham Finch, MASC, P. Eng., Principal, Building Science Research Specialist, RDH Building Engineering Ltd. 

Mid-rise buildings face a number of challenges including increased environmental loads from wind and rain, stricter energy code requirements, and unique maintenance and operating considerations. This 2 hour seminar will cover lessons learned and many of the recent trends in materials, details and enclosure assemblies for creating durable and energy-efficient mid-rise wood frame buildings. The integration of mass timber elements and use of pre-fabrication for mid-rise and taller wood-buildings will also be covered.

Acoustic Considerations for Wood Frame Construction
Russ Lewis, M.Eng., P.Eng, Senior Consultant / Principal,  Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.

The goal of good acoustic design is to meet the sound isolation and impact noise control targets required by code and expected by occupants of modern residential and commercial designs. This session will provide background for understanding the transfer of sound through walls and floors from both air-borne (e.g., talking) and structure-borne (e.g., walking) sound. The principles behind sound control will be discussed and examples of construction details that are designed to meet code and comfort requirements will be presented. Case studies and examples will be used to illustrate many of the topics covered.

Mid-rise Wood Frame Handbook Chapter 3: Structural Design
Marjan Popovski, P.Eng, PhD., Research Leader, FPInnovations

To facilitate the design and construction of mid-rise wood-frame buildings in Canada, FPInnovations, in collaboration with CWC and NRC, has developed the Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Construction Handbook. The Handbook has been prepared to assist architects, engineers, code consultants, developers, building owners, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in understanding the design and construction of mid-rise wood-frame buildings in Canada. The presentation will provide overview of the topics related to the structural analysis and design of midrise wood-frame buildings and their main components.

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