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Awards Categories

Eligibility Criteria

Entries should consist of building projects that show a wide range of wood product applications and demonstrate an understanding of the special qualities of wood, such as strength, durability, beauty and cost-effectiveness.
A jury of prominent architects and engineers will review all entries based on various considerations such as creativity, appropriate use of wood materials in satisfying clients’ building and site requirements and innovative design.  Projects must be based in either Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

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Deadline to complete your nomination is October 19, 2018

Winners will be divided into the following categories:

Commercial Wood Design
This category includes all commercial buildings using wood as a main structural feature. Examples include warehouses, offices, resorts and hotels and restaurants.

Institutional Wood Design
This category includes all institutional buildings using wood as a main structural feature. Examples include schools, libraries, firehalls, churches, hospitals and health facilities.

Interior Wood Design Showcase
This category includes projects using wood extensively within the interior (exposed structural elements) or as a non-structural feature of a non-residential or public space. Nominated projects should showcase the beauty and elegance of wood.  Applications can include finishes, flooring, and millwork.

Recreational Wood Design
This category includes buildings constructed for community use and can include buildings with public access using wood as a main structural component.  Examples include community centres, public leisure facilities, transit stations and park pavilions.

Residential Wood Design
This category includes condominiums, mixed use commercial/residential apartments, senior’s housing complexes, homes, cabins, cottages and other living spaces using wood as a highlighted structural component.

Special Selection Awards:

Advocate Award

This award will be presented to a firm, community or society that demonstrates a commitment to utilizing wood in an innovative structure of any building type.  All projects using wood as a structural component will be considered for this award. Please include a description for the jury of why this project should be considered.

Jury’s Choice Wood Design Award
The jury will select from all nomination categories.

The Jury reserves the right to move nominations into different categories then originally submitted.