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Residential Wood Design

Residential Wood Design

Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BCMackey Residence Bowen Island, BC



Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC outdoors  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC outdoors front  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC outdoors back  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC entrence  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BCMackey Residence Bowen Island, BC living space  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC living space  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC dining area  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC interior  Mackey Residence Bowen Island, BC interior

Just a 20-minute ferry ride away from West Vancouver, the Mackey house is adjacent to Crippen Regional Park in the Colin’s Farm neighborhood of Bowen Island.

The fir clad ceilings and soffits create a continuous plane at the underside of the roof, blurring the line between interior and exterior.

Heavy timber exposed posts and beams clearly express the structural design of the building and frame the generous clear wood window and door assemblies.

The house provides intimate daily living surrounding the central open kitchen, while generous space for gathering and entertaining is allocated in nearby open areas.

This single-family home is arranged around a recreational pool and is situated to take advantage of sun exposure and views to the surrounding orchard and forest edge.

The residence includes 3,685 square feet on the main and upper floors and 2,860 square feet of basement.

Wood Materials used in the house are:

  • Solid fir exposed heavy timber beams and columns
  • Clear fir window and door assemblies
  • Clear fir ceilings and soffits
  • Clear fir fascias
  • Maple millwork

Design Team:


Frits de Vries Architecture
1834 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver BC
Canada V6J 1G5
Phone: 604-736-7820
Fax: 604-736-8820


Thomas Leung Structural Engineering Inc.
Phone: 604-873-1768


Murcon Construction
Phone: 604-947-9800


Rob & Maureen Mackey