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Industry Leader Award

Industry Leader Award

Gary CrooksGary Crooks

Gary Crooks  Gary Crooks

This year’s Industry Leader is a California State University business graduate, who has broad-based industry experience ranging from operations management, marketing and sales, strategic planning, industrial relations and communications. He started working in the wood products industry in 1968 and over the years his employment included time with Fletcher Challenge, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Atco Lumber and the Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association and finally with the Council of Forest Industries from 2003 – 2008.

This year’s recipient went beyond the call of duty and served on numerous boards and committees over the years. In addition to sitting on the Canadian Wood Council Board, he played an integral role with Wood WORKS!, serving on the provincial steering committee from the inception of the program. He was a keen supporter of the initiative to increase the use of wood in non-residential construction, and was key to the growth of Wood WORKS! in British Columbia.