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Thank you to all who helped make the 2015 Toronto Wood Solutions Fair a resounding success!

Thank you to the speakers, sponsors, delegates, and exhibitors of the 2015 Toronto Wood Solutions Fair. Below, please find links to the presentation PDFs we’ve been granted permission to share.  Please respect the copyrights of all presentation authors.


TREET – The World’s Tallest Timber Building – Trifkovic

Mass Timber – Efficient Solutions and the Future of Building – Epp

2014-15 North American Wood Design Awards – Taggart

2014-15 North American Wood Design Awards – Berube

Building Enclosures for 5 & 6 Storey Mid-Rise Wood Builings, Lessons Learned & Best Practices – Finch

Canadian Wood Council Publications and Tools for Wood Design – Robertson, Rocchi

Common Mid-Rise Structural Design Challenges and Solutions – McManus

Fire Resistance Tools and Information for Wood-Frame Buildings – Van Zeeland

Fire Safety During the Course of Construction – Craft

Resources for Wood-Frame Mid-Rise Construction – Maybee

Resources for Wood-Frame Mid-Rise Construction – Mohammad

Smarter Skins and Building Systems for high Performance Sustainable Buildings – Marshall

WoodWorks Software Part 1 – Sizer, Connections – Robertson, Rocchi

WoodWorks Software Part 2 – Analysis and Design for Wind and Seismic Loads using Shearwalls – Robertson, Rocchi

Frame Construction from an Insurance Perspective – Currie

Building Enclosures – A Systems Approach for Tall and Small Wood Buildings – Koch, Lukachko

Full-Scale FIre Demonstration of a Mass Timber Shaft for use in a Tall Building – Ranger

Acoustic Considerations for Wood Frame Construction – Toome, Lyzun



The Wood Solutions Fair is the premier event in Canada dedicated to design and construction with wood and wood products. This one-day educational event, presented by Ontario Wood WORKS! and the Canadian Wood Council showcases wood uses in commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-unit residential construction through a trade show and seminars. The Wood Solutions Fair is the only Industry event in Canada where you can earn up to six continuing education credits while learning about the latest industry trends and innovations for designing and building with wood.

Click HERE to view the presentation abstracts.       CLICK HERE for the complete Exhibitor List.

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