Lunch & Learn Series

Lunch & Learn Series 2019

This program brings industry experts into your office or classroom for a one hour presentation on a topic of your choice.   Possible topics include:

Engineered Wood Products

Explanations on the uses and benefits of established and newly emerging engineered wood products (EWP’s).

Glulam – An Overview

Explanation of the manufacture of Glulam and how it can be engineered according to a specific project’s specifications. Various projects provided as examples. Also covered: benefits to appearance and structural Glulam.

Innovation in Heavy Timber Construction 

This presentation discusses the possibilities in wood design using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glulam. Through project examples learn about capability of fabrication, specialized uses, connectors and design assistance resources for CLT.

Spanning the Gap (Roof Truss application)

How roof trusses are used, when and where they should and should not be used. Project examples of best practices and how to avoid failures.

Heavy Timber Budgeting

It can be difficult to understand why one system costs more than another. How much impact do coatings have on the overall package cost? When should one system be chosen over another? This session outlines possible ways to use glulam to gain maximum exposure without stepping outside the budget.

Understanding Lumber Grades

Explanations of the lumber grading system – what the grading rules allow and don’t allow. Includes the differences between appearance grade wood vs. structurally graded wood.



Special Presentations

Sustainability and Wood Products (Peter Moonen)

If there is a topic on wood design & building not offered here, but that your firm is interested in, please let us know and we can arrange for custom presentations to be developed and delivered by industry experts.

All presentations are 1 hour in length, delivered onsite at individual firms.  Lunch & Learns are subject to a minimum amount of attendees prior to booking but groups can be combined  to meet the minimum attendee requirement.

For more information, or to book a Lunch & Learn, please contact us.