Nomination Process

Nominations are welcome from design firms, individuals and communities with accomplishments in wood construction.
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The link to our online system will be posted and live on August 13.  You can start your application on August 13 and will have until October 19, 2018 to complete your submission. You can save your work and return to it anytime during the nomination process. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 28

All successfully submitted applications will be reviewed by the jury panel.  The jury is judging the submission on the project material provided minus the team credits.  They do not see the project team until after the final selection.

The Jury reviews the applications online and later meets in person with the other members of the jury to make their final selection.  A jury member that is part of a submitted project will recuse themselves from the meeting while that project is being reviewed.

A Wood WORKS! representative is part of the final jury meeting to answer questions and record the jury’s decisions.

Our call for nominations for the 2019 awards program will open August 13, 2018.
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Submission Instructions

The submission process is online. Start an account and begin your submission through this link:

CLICK HERE to start your online project submission

Completing the application will take about 30 minutes, if you have all the relevant material ready.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF of the 2019 application to assist in gathering relevant materials in advance.  You can start and save the application throughout the process until the deadline of October 19, 2018. November 28, 2018

Support Material Specifications

Include floor plan, section and elevation sketches to illustrate the design, and a site plan showing the project and surrounding area. Selected drawing details may be included at your discretion but are not mandatory. In order to ensure anonymity, your firm name should not appear on the drawings.

Include enough photos of exteriors and interiors to illustrate the project and its design features, and to give the jury a good appreciation of your submission. Photos should be high quality. Remodeled projects should include at least one “before” photo. (we recommend a minimum of 8 images for a strong application).

For publication purposes, supplied photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi: plans, drawings and illustrations should be in vector format wherever possible.


Entries should consist of building projects that show a wide range of wood product applications and demonstrate an understanding of the special qualities of wood, such as strength, durability, beauty and cost-effectiveness. A jury of prominent architects and engineers will review all entries based on various considerations such as creativity, appropriate use of wood materials in satisfying clients’ building and site requirements and innovative design.

Winners will be divided into the following categories:

Commercial Wood Design
This category includes all commercial buildings using wood as a main structural feature. Examples include warehouses, offices, resorts and hotels and restaurants.

Institutional Wood Design
This category includes all institutional buildings using wood as a main structural feature. Examples include schools, libraries, firehalls, churches, hospitals and health facilities.

Interior Wood Design Showcase
This category includes projects using wood extensively within the interior (exposed structural elements) or as a non-structural feature of a non-residential or public space. Nominated projects should showcase the beauty and elegance of wood.  Applications can include finishes, flooring, and millwork.

Recreational Wood Design
This category includes buildings constructed for community use and can include buildings with public access using wood as a main structural component.  Examples include community centres, public leisure facilities, transit stations and park pavilions.

Residential Wood Design
This category includes condominiums, mixed use commercial/residential apartments, senior’s housing complexes, homes, cabins, cottages and other living spaces using wood as a highlighted structural component.

Special Selection Awards: These awards will be selected by the jury from the submitted applications

Engineer Advocate Award

This award will be presented to an engineer or engineering firm that is instrumental in the creation of an innovative structure of any building type. Please select in the application if you would like your submission to be considered for an Engineering Advocate award and briefly explain why.

Jury’s Choice Wood Design Award

The jury will select a project that demonstrates excellence and innovation in the use of wood. Eligibility Projects must have been completed between January 1, 2012 and August 13, 2018 in one of the following locations: Alberta, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan.


Projects must have been completed between January 1, 2013 and August 13, 2018 in one of the following locations:
Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan

The use of wood as a primary, but not necessarily exclusive, structural material is the overriding criterion for project eligibility.  All types of wood construction are eligible.  In remodeled structures, only the new additional or renovated portions of existing buildings require an overall wood structural component.
Projects need not include all of these applications.
Buildings should have mainly a wood structure of light frame, heavy timber or a combination that makes use of sawn lumber, and/or engineered wood such as glue-laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber, parallel strand lumber, I-joists and panels.
Wood Siding, wood panel products, patterned lumber, wood shingles or shakes are preferred but not essential. Other claddings can also be used.  Wood or clad wood windows and doors, mouldings and trim are preferred but not essential. Wood Decks, trellises, gazebos and landscape features used to enhance a building are not in themselves eligible.
Exposed interior wood structure as the focus or feature of an interior design. Wood doors, mouldings, paneling, flooring and cabinets that enhance the building interior will be considered, however, for the Interior Showcase category, project interiors must show a significant use of these elements to be considered.

Awards Gala

Winning projects will be announced at the Gala. The Gala location and date will be confirmed soon.

RSVP is required to receive entrance to the Gala. Each nominee is offered 2 complimentary tickets but must RSVP in advance.

Project recognition is given to the architect/design firm unless otherwise specified in the application.

Conditions of Entry

1. The project entered must have been completed between January 1, 2013 and August 13, 2018 in the Prairie region (Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan).

2. Projects can be re-nominated to the Awards program as long as the project has not previously been awarded a Wood Design Award from Alberta, British Colombia, CecoBios, Ontario or the Maritimes Wood WORKS! programs.

3. The Jury’s selection will be announced at the Awards Gala. RSVP is required for attendance at the Gala.  Nominees are offered two complimentary tickets but must confirm attendance via email at There will be only one trophy for each winning project with the name of the winning project and Design firm.

4. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission from photographers to republish photographs submitted with the application. Wood WORKS! Alberta assumes the right to publish all submitted photographs to publicize the awards program as well as in case studies and promotional materials in support of Wood WORKS! Alberta and the Canadian Wood Council activities, please refer to Terms and Conditions in the application form for full details. Photo credits will be given as long as they are provided upon submission of entry form.

5. Wood WORKS! Alberta organizers assume the right to publicize projects entered in the Awards and to distribute press materials in relation to projects for the purpose of promoting the Prairie Wood Design Awards. All materials submitted with the entry will become the property of Wood WORKS! Alberta and will not be returned to the entrant.

6. Wood WORKS! Alberta will make all reasonable efforts to withhold the full address of any project by entrants who specifically request confidentiality. However the general location (City and Province) of projects will be published.

7. The Jury reserves the right to not select a winner in a category. The organizers of Wood WORKS! Alberta Awards program reserve the right to reject any entry. Any entries received after the closing deadline of October 19, 2018 will only be included at the organizer’s discretion.

8. If the architectural practice or design studio of a jury member wishes to enter a project, that jury member will declare a conflict of interest and not be present when their project is being evaluated.

9. Winning companies can use the Wood WORKS! Alberta logo on promotional materials affiliated with the award.

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