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Mid-rise Costing Documents – Wood For Mid-Rise Construction

Detailed (34 page) – Mid-rise Cost Comparison (Wood/Steel/Concrete) & Atlantic Market Report


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This is the first cost comparison study of its kind that analyzes four different building types of equal structural and architectural design and identifies the cost discrepancies associated with each one. The building types are as follows:

  • 5 Storeys of Wood + 1 podium of Concrete
  • 6 Storeys of Steel
  • 6 Storeys of Concrete
  • 6 Storeys of Wood

A 3rd party team of professionals was assembled to review and vet each building type to ensure equitable structural and architectural design. The elemental class “C” costing detail of each building type can be downloaded below. The conservative conclusion is that wood construction is roughly 12% less cost than that of Steel or Concrete.

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Report designed & authored by: UPLAND | urban planning + design studio

Summary (8 page) – Mid-rise Cost Comparison (Wood/Steel/Concrete) & Atlantic Market Report

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6 Storey Costing Details


The major elements and sub-elements behind each building type are defined in class “C” costing detail

Class C Cost Analysis – 6 Storey Building Comparison



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