Wood First Webinars

Your resource for the Wood First Act in BC.

Wood WORKS! BC technical advisors Peter Moonen and Bill Billups present two informative webinars, designed to provide you with an overview of the Wood First Act in BC.

The Wood First Act received Royal Assent in November 2009.  In short, it requires that all provincially-funded projects use wood where appropriate and within the BC Building Code.  Wood WORKS! BC is your resource for the “build with wood” requirements of the Wood First Act in BC.  These webinars explain the value of building with wood, and provide valuable information on how to put wood into municipal projects.

Peter Why Wood? Why Wood?
with Peter Moonen


Bill Putting Wood into Your Municipal Project Putting Wood into Your Municipal Project
with Bill Billups

To learn more about the Wood First Act or, If you have further questions, please contact us:

Peter Moonen, Government Relations / Sustainability
Bill Billups, Technical Advisor, Projects

 has the experience and expertise needed to help your community navigate through the requirements of the Wood First Act.

  • Expert advice
  • Training
  • Technical support

Ten ways you can get wood into your next project:

  1. Pass a “Wood First Resolution”.
  2. Ask for Wood at the start & keep on asking.
  3. Embed your desire to use wood in all your documents.
      • Request for Qualifications
      • Expressions of Interest
      • Request for Proposals
  4. Make wood a deciding factor when you hire your design team.
  5. Ask the right wood questions.
  6. Engage the local wood industry early on in the design process.
  7. Instruct your design team to maximize the local wood content.
  8. Consider an Integrated Design Process versus Traditional ones.
  9. Don’t settle for just an architectural wood splash.
  10. Ask “Why Not Wood?” And get an answer.