Wood Design Awards in BC

Wood WORKS! is a national industry led initiative of the Canadian Wood Council, with a goal to support innovation and provide leadership on the use of wood and wood products. The annual Wood Design Awards of BC aim to honor excellence in wood-based projects and to recognize the people and organizations that are pioneering and achieving this objective.

The Wood Design Awards bring together people from all sectors to recognize leadership and innovation in wood use. The awards also serve as an opportunity to publicly recognize and encourage continued excellence in the building and design community and in the forest industry. This high profile annual event celebrates innovative structural and architectural uses of wood and provides an opportunity for architects, engineers, building designers, builders and project owners to showcase their projects.

Trophy Design Rationale

The actual Wood Design Awards trophy was designed to capture both the strength and beauty of wood.  The trophy is designed as a base supporting two pillars, the pillars being emblematic of the wings of tree seedlings. The pillars also represent the pleasing aesthetics of architecture along with the expanding boundaries of engineering, both reaching for the height of perfection. Two elliptical shapes hollowed in the centers represent the ovules for reproduction; reminding us that wood is a renewable resource.  Midpoint in the base is the insignia in the geographical shape of British Columbia.  Various wood species and engineered wood products are used in the creation of the individual trophies, illustrating the diversity of wood products throughout the province.

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