Kindergarten FeldgatterwegFlorian Mauer of Florian Mauer Architect Ltd.of Naramata, BC for Kindergarten Feldgatterweg, Lana, Italy

Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg   Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg Kindergarten Feldgatterweg  Kindergarten Feldgatterweg

The design showcases the beauty and versatility of wood in a building culture still dominated by masonry.

It can be slick or rustic like the log column borrowed from our North American practice, it can be combined with steel, masonry or copper flashing. The wooden canopies, balconies and leaning posts can become prows, tackle and railings of pirate ships in the minds of children.

Larch slats over air space and black fabric were used to keep the rooms quiet and give them a warm and friendly ambience.

No space is wasted: the room under the stairs to the activity rooms is developed into millwork for the children’s belongings and craft projects.

The larch slats of the rain screen are cut in a diamond cross section to shed water to the outside. With the exception of the glulam members all wood inside and out is left unfinished.

If the aesthetics of naturally grayed wood can be accepted and wood is protected from decay through proper detailing, the question of wood finish and maintenance can be solved economically and elegantly.

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