Multi-Unit Residential Wood Design

Multi-Unit Residential Wood Design

Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BCCanvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC



Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC garden  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC exterior  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC windows  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC gate  Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC Canvas Kitsilano Vancouver, BC

This 18 – unit row house development is situated in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Wood framing was chosen because it is economical and can be erected quickly. Numerous competitive bids from framing crews were sought.Wood cladding with a natural cedar stain at the third floor was chosen as a material change from the heavier brick base.Large soffit overhangs in V-Groove pine also stained a natural color was used. The stair enclosure connecting the parking structure to above landscape is open slats affixed to a metal frame providing safety lighting at night and visibility during the daytime.The same wood slat expression is used along the lane elevation fencing and at privacy screens.

Wood Materials used in the project are:

  • Wood stud framing
  • Timber Strand beams
  • Plywood shear walls
  • Cedar siding
  • Pine V-grooved soffits
  • Custom Cedar benches
  • Cedar Shingles, exterior trim, and exterior decking
  • Wood slats in metal frame

Design Team:


B Squared Architecture Inc.
2685 Maple Street
Vancouver BC
Canada V6J 3T7
Phone: 604-714-1633
Fax: 604-714-1655


Ennova Structural Engineers Inc.
Phone: 604-255-7670


Trasolini Chetner Construction Corp.
Phone: 604-675-9888

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