South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena

South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena | 100 Mile House, BC

Bernard Perreten Architecture Inc.

South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena 100 Mile House, BC  South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena 100 Mile House, BC  South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena 100 Mile House, BC  South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena 100 Mile House, BC  South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena 100 Mile House, BC

The New South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena facility was conceived to showcase the use of wood and be as “green” as possible while not exceeding a very stringent budget.

There are numerous features throughout this Multi-Use arena that single it out as an excellent example of community-centered green design. The long-term energy savings make the geothermal heating system a green element, but the fact that the community donated $1M worth of goods and services to make it possible means that it also proudly represents the people of the South Cariboo and their values. Two major local wood industry companies, Weldwood and Ainsworth Lumber, provided all the wood products for the building and Canada Log Homes, based in 100 Mile House, provided the log structure for the skaters’ lounge. One of the criteria of green design is the consideration of local materials; on this project, all wood products, labour and gravel were obtained within a ten-mile radius of the site.

The demanding budgetary constraints of this project meant that a choice had to be made between a geothermal system and a main long-span timber structure. The client chose the geothermal system, providing significant energy savings and reduced operating costs in the short and long term.

Wood was used everywhere possible including all other structural framing, interior cladding and finishes. Interior cladding, ceiling and walls were done with spaced “denim pine” exposing sound-absorbing felt and, thus, providing excellent acoustic performance. This last feature allows the South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena to serve the community for presentations, performances and exhibitions as well as sporting events. The extensive use of unique wood detailing in this multi-use arena both incorporates the region’s forestry-based economic history and provides a warm atmosphere seldom found in community arenas.

The new South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena is a 36,000 sq ft recreation center which houses an NHL-sized hockey rink with seating for 600 spectators and uses an integrated geothermal refrigeration/HVAC system to simultaneously provide the building with radiant heat and energy-efficient ice surfaces.

Wood materials used:

  • Local SPF wood products
  • Local pine logs
  • Plywood and OSB

Design team:


Bernard Perreten Architecture Inc.
431 Helmcken Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2E6

Structural Engineer:

JM Engineering
608-318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V2


Mierau Contractors Ltd.
Southern Interior Division
201-3044 Great Northern Avenue
Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H4


Cariboo Regional District
180 North 3rd Avenue
Williams Lake, BC V2G 2A4

pdf-small Project Fact Sheet – South Cariboo Multi-Use Arena