Steveston/London Secondary School Additions + Renovations

Steveston/London Secondary School Additions + Renovations | Richmond, BC

Larry McFarland Architects Ltd.

Steveston London Secondary School Additions Renovations Richmond, BC  Steveston London Secondary School Additions Renovations Richmond, BC  Steveston London Secondary School Additions Renovations Richmond, BC  Steveston London Secondary School Additions Renovations Richmond, BC  Steveston London Secondary School Additions Renovations Richmond, BC

The Steveston/London Secondary School is comprised of a 5500sm addition and 1850sm of renovations to the existing London Secondary School, as well as a new 95sm Environmental Centre.  The project was developed by Richmond School District NO. 38 in order to accommodate 500 students from an adjacent school which was scheduled to be demolished.

The design of the new addition was developed around the idea of creating a link between the existing school and the new “front door”, which is now located at the north end of the site.  The resultant link is in the form of a two and a half storey atrium the empties out into a two storey entry forum. These two spaces form the central circulation for the new addition and the primary connection to the existing school.

At the outset of the design, it was determined that wood should play a major role in both primary and secondary structural elements as well as one of the most important interior finished throughout the building. The decision was based on the flexibility and cost effectiveness of wood products along with the sense of warmth that wood finishes can bring to a large institutional facility.  The structural engineer incorporated wood into a great portion of the structural design of the building, using exposed glulams for roof beams and columns. Wood stud walls were incorporated for all non-load bearing partitions and a great deal of the exterior walls, including shear walls.

In the end, the extensive use of wood created the visual stimulus necessary to make this a successful project.  Students are able to reach out and touch the wood finishes almost everywhere in the school; creating a visceral response that only wood is capable of.

Wood materials used:

Exposed structure:

  • Exposed glulam columns (atrium and entry forum): 130 X 400 to 600 mm (depth) spruce glulam, c/w one side chaped
  • Exposed glulam beams (atrium and entry forum): double 80 X 265 mm spruce glulams
  • Exposed glulam beams (gymnasium): 315 X 2090 mm spruce glulam central beam with 130 X 912mm spruce glulam purlins c/w shaped bottom
  • Exposed glulam beams (science wing): 175 X456 mm and 175 X 570 spruce glulams
  • Exposed canopy roof decking: recycled heavy timber installed on flat (from demolished school within school district)

Other structure:

  • Partitions (typ. Non-load bearing, throughout entire building) – 38 X140 mm SPF studs
  • Partitions (gymnasium shear walls): 38 X 190mm SPF studs c/w single & souble layers of 13 mm plywood
  • Parapets (across entire new roof areas): 38 X 140 mm SPF framing c/w 13 mm plywood sheathing

Interior finishes:

  • Acoustic panels throughout: 19mm birch veneer plywood (c/w acoustic slots) secured to walls with 38 mm wood framing system
  • Gymnasium wall panelling: 19mm birch veneer plywood, up to 3.66m a.f.f.

Architectural details:

  • Rainscreen strapping: 13 X 90 mm pressure-treated strapping
  • Sunshade: 38 X 140 Western red cedar slats
  • Interior doors: solid core birch veneer
  • Millwork: birch veneer plywood for doors, shelves and exposed cabinets: AWMAAC custom grade

Design team:


Larry McFarland Architects Ltd
303 – 2930 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3Y9

pdf-small Project Fact Sheet – Steveston/London Secondary School