New Guide for 12-Storey Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction

Ontario Wood WORKS! has published a Guide to Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction in the Ontario Building Code, authored by Morrison Hershfield. Encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC) showcases recent advancements in fire safety engineering. These advancements are reflected in recent adoptions of EMTC as a new construction type across various jurisdictions and specifically in Ontario, through O.Reg. 451/22, which became applicable as of July 1, 2022.  The purpose of the guide is to introduce users to the new provisions governing EMTC in Ontario, so that readers are aware of the content, intent, and application of the new provisions.

The guide introduces the new provisions and highlights where new EMTC features align with similar well-known provisions of the OBC for noncombustible construction and where the new provisions differ or are unique. Through highlighting these differences, this guide seeks to broaden awareness of OBC application to the design of this new building type.

Click HERE to download a free copy of the Guide.