NEW! Case Study: Wood in Low-Rise Commercial Buildings

Wood WORKS! BC is pleased to announce its latest case study on low-rise commercial buildings. This case study examines three recently completed low-rise commercial buildings in BC featuring mass timber products and systems as viable and innovative structural solutions. These projects demonstrate reduced carbon impacts, accelerated speed of construction and enhanced building performance, and showcase mass timber and technologically advanced wood systems as a new paradigm.  Read the case study.


Don’t Strike Out – Hit a Home Run With Mass Timber!

Let’s optimize how we look at the pitches thrown our way so we can hit them out of the park! Whether you are a developer, owner, designer, municipal official or the Prime Minister of Canada, let’s agree on the highest value propositions for these types of projects. Don’t let your conviction to change the built environment sit down on the bench!

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Timothy Buhler, BBA

Technical Manager, Ontario Wood WORKS! Program, Canadian Wood Council

In the past 14 years at the Canadian Wood Council, he has helped build a network of wood champions and experts throughout North America to promote the use of timber in the built environment.  Tim’s extensive knowledge in the industry comes from dozens of technical conferences, tours, meetings and workshops across North America and Europe.

In his role as Technical Manager in Ontario, Tim works with municipalities, architects, engineers, and developers to make wood the sustainable building material of choice.  Tim also works closely with the wood industry including sitting on the OSWA Board, working with multiple levels of government and associations, chairing technical advisory committees and leading national working groups to address wood construction roadblocks.  Tim has been involved in over 200 timber construction projects in Ontario, including assisting with the development of several alternative code solutions for tall timber buildings.

Tim has been leading the “Insuring Timber” initiative with CWC since 2019.   The goal of this program is to ensure more attractive rates can of insurance be achieved for builders of timber projects in Canada.  Tim’s diligence in pursuing the understanding of the insurance market has helped this grow from a small research project to a national initiative.  It has led to collaborations with the United Kingdom’s Structural Timber Association, the United States’ Woodworks – Wood Products Council and Laval University.  Tim currently chairs a national working group to address the differential in insurance and is a contributor to numerous other committees in the industry examining this issue. 


Timber Connection Design Beyond O86

– Design concepts for proprietary connections (e.g. Self-tapping screws)

– Introduction to timber-concrete composite (TCC) floors

16th Annual Community Recognition Awards

This is the 16th year that Wood WORKS! BC has recognized and celebrated the successes of communities around the province which have built projects using wood.

The nomination form for the 2021 Community Recognition Awards is available online HERE. If you know of a wood structure that was completed by a local government in the last four years, please consider nominating it – it will only take 5 minutes!  Self nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

The process is really simple.  Just CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to enter the project by the nomination deadline of July 31, 2021. That’s it!

If you have questions about your nomination, please contact Peter Moonen at 1.877.929.9663 ext. 4,  (


Connection Design According to the CSA O86 Standard

– Design concepts for generic connections found in the Canadian timber design standard (e.g. nails, bolts, lag-screws)

– Design approach for connections in CLT (Jx factor)