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NEW: Guide to Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction in the Ontario Building Code  

Encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC) showcases recent advancements in fire safety engineering. These advancements are reflected in recent adoptions of EMTC as a new construction type across various jurisdictions and specifically in Ontario, through O.Reg. 451/22, which became applicable as of July 1, 2022.  The purpose of the guide is to introduce users to the new provisions governing EMTC in Ontario, so that readers are aware of the content, intent, and application of the new provisions.

The guide introduces the new provisions and highlights where new EMTC features align with similar well-known provisions of the OBC for noncombustible construction and where the new provisions differ or are unique. Through highlighting these differences, this guide seeks to broaden awareness of OBC application to the design of this new building type.

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New e-Learning Centre Platform

We are happy to announce the launch of our new e-learning platform. Click HERE to create your free account.


Insurance for Timber Construction

The wood products construction industry has developed several technologies in recent years. Exciting products like mass timber allow for large, complex timber buildings in commercial and institutional construction. These buildings have traditionally been built using concrete or steel systems. However, with the innovation of timber products and complex framing systems, these buildings can be safely and efficiently framed using timber.

Building codes are evolving quickly to address these new systems and normalize this type of construction.  However, builder’s risk insurance rates have not been evolving along with construction and codes.  Historical risk assessment data has largely focused on light wood frame structures such as homes; but there are significant differences that exist for larger buildings that use mass timber as structural elements. The Canadian Wood Council is working to address the difference in rates and develop new classifications to reflect the modern products that are used.

Check out our dedicated section on insurance here: Insuring Timber


Mid-Rise Wood Construction

Did you know you can building up to 6 storeys in Ontario using just light wood frame?  It’s true!  In 2015 codes changed to allow us to utilize this natural and sustainable material for many building types up to 6 storeys!  Not only do we have a library of resources available for mid-rise construction, we have published a comprehensive new Guide to help! The Canadian Guide to Mid-Rise Wood Construction is available in our online bookstore for $50 (ebook).


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Free online courses are available through the Wood WORKS! e-learning centre’s new platform.  The recorded sessions are self-paced and available 24/7. We have assembled a prestigious international faculty of Architects, Engineers, Researchers and Educators to present online modules that provide you with the most current information on wood materials, design and applications.   

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