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Mass Timber

New and innovative advancements in timber construction allow us to build larger and taller with wood than ever before. We have mass timber elements, like CLT, Glulam, NLT, and DLT That can act like large plates and have 2-way capacity if required. These are highly processed products, where the naturally occurring defects in wood – like checks, splits, knots, can be controlled/removed and the quality of the finished product can be assured.

These are also large elements that can be made in factory to exact size, with holes for connections and M.E.P. already installed. These elements can be shipped to a job site and craned into place immediately. And suddenly you can erect the entire floor of and office building in 1 week. No form work required, or installing rebar, or hundreds of concrete trucks. You don’t have to wait weeks to strip the form work and then reshoring.  Not to mention the environmental and aesthetic advantages!  Contact us to if you want to use Mass Timber in your next project!

Mid-Rise Wood Construction

Did you know you can building up to 6 storeys in Ontario using just light wood frame?  It’s true!  In 2015 codes changed to allow us to utilize this natural and sustainable material for many building types up to 6 storeys!  Not only do we have a library of resources available for Mid-RIse construction, we are finalizing a new, national guide, that will simplify this type of construction.  

Low-Rise Commercial Construction

Much like Mid-Rise wood, we can building many types of low-rise commercial buildings out of timber and be fully within code restrictions!  Let’s bring that type of building back into style.  Wood WORKS! is producing a national low-rise commercial reference to help you do just that!  Look for that publication soon. 

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Our free online courses – found at www.woodworkselearning.com – are self-paced and available 24/7. We have assembled a prestigious international faculty of Architects, Engineers, Researchers and Educators to present online modules that provide you with the most current information on wood materials, design and applications.  Click HERE to browse the course catalogue.

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