Wood Solutions Conference


Treet – World`s Tallest Timber Building

Treet is a residential building located in Bergen, Norway. The structural design utilized laminated timber. The apartments were created as modules off-site. When completed, the building will be 49,4m from entrance level.

This is an ambitious project showing that it is possible to build urban housing with high density and at the same time use environmentally friendly materials. The project doesn’t “invent” anything new it only applies products that already exist in a new way, pushing the limit of what has been done before.

Through the perspective of the architect attendees will see the advantages and challenges of timber high-rise construction and prefabrication.



Marina Trifkovic, Master of Architecture, ARTEC as, Laksevåg, Norway

Marina has a Master of Architecture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She
has been involved with the Treet project from the start in 2010 and has been the main architect since 2012.

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Reciprocal Framing Systems

An understanding of what a reciprocal frame is; An understanding of the range of possible reciprocal framing solutions; Some technical background to provide a starting point for a designer wishing to use a reciprocal frame in a project; Familiarity with the benefits and drawbacks to reciprocal frames for their appropriate use.







David Bowick, P.Eng., Principal, Blackwell Engineers, Toronto, ON

David Bowick has received many industry honours since he began his career in 1990. His inventive approach to design has made him sought-after, particularly when a project calls for innovative solutions. He is a three-time recipient of the WoodWorks Building the Future engineer award, and has received awards for his work in wood, concrete and architectural steel. Dozens of projects he has worked on have been granted awards in the field of architecture, such as the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the French River Visitors Centre (both recipients of the Governor General’s Award).An avid teacher, David is an adjunct professor in the Masters in Architecture program at the University of Toronto. He is a frequent guest speaker on the topics of architecture and engineering, and contributes to the industry through committees and events. His writing has appeared in several publications, including Concrete Toronto.David is a licensed professional engineer in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick. He is a member of the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on CAN/CSA-O86, Engineering Design in Wood and a member of the Technical Committee responsible for the Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction.

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Photographer: Josh Partee, 2013

Photographer: Josh Partee, 2013

Regional Design with Wood for Educational Facilities featuring the Cascades Academy of Central Oregon

Hennebery Eddy Architects will discuss approaches to design featuring wood as a primary material in a range of regional and climatic contexts in the western United States. The session will concentrate on the Cascades Academy of Central Oregon in Bend, OR with discussion of Yellowstone Youth Campus in Yellowstone National Park, currently being designed and the recently completed Seattle Preparatory School Chapel in Seattle, WA.







Timothy R. Eddy, AIA, LEED Accredited Professional, Principal, Hennebery Eddy Architects, Portland, Oregon, USA

A founding principal of Hennebery Eddy Architects, Timothy Eddy is a design leader recognized for campus planning, sustainable design and sensitively fitting new buildings into existing contexts. Tim holds a Master of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at Montana State University.Since 1992, Hennebery Eddy Architects has created projects with a high level of clarity of mission, craftsmanship, and architectural integrity – they are known for designs that respect their sites, strengthen their context and inspire.

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Dan Petrescu, AIA, LEED Green Associate, Associate, Hennebery Eddy Architects, Portland, Oregon, USA

Dan Petrescu is the Project Architect for Cascades Academy of Central Oregon’s new campus near Bend, Oregon.  Research, careful use of materials and elegant detailing are the foundation of Dan’s design work.  He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon.

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Smarter Skins and Systems for Sustainable High-Performance Buildings

Gain unparalleled applied building science insights on energy efficiency, moisture management, acoustic controls and environmental air quality for wood buildings. Integrating these systems together will result in world class award winning sustainable buildings that are exceed expectations and are more affordable, energy efficient & healthier.






Bob Marshall, P. Eng., LEED A.P., BD+C – Building Science Manager, CertainTeed SAINT-GOBAIN

Bob has over 35 years of experience on energy efficient durable building skins with +50 LEED projects and is co-author of the LEED Durable Building credit.  He has been appointed to NRC’s Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Bob was retained by the BC Attorney as an expert on the $1.5B Leaky Condominium Class action, contributing to the Supreme Court dismissal of the action.

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Sound Insulation of Wood-Frame Buildings

This presentation outlines basic acoustic principles and definitions, specifically the transfer of impact and airborne sounds in wood-frame buildings. Efficient means of acoustic insulation will be discussed using multiple case studies of recent floor-ceiling assemblies.

This presentation will benefit any professional such as architects, designers, acoustic engineers, builders, general contractors interested and/or concerned with acoustic insulation of wood-frame buildings.


André Rioux, Vice President, AcoustiTECH, St. Lambert-de-Lauzon, QC

Since the creation of AcoustiTECH in 2000, Andre has been traveling all over Canada, the United States and the UAE to make presentations to groups of architects, project managers, general contractors, flooring contractors and more. Andre ‘ s experience combined with the expertise of his team has resulted in AcoustiTECH being the number one reference in the field of acoustics for new and existing buildings.  After over 15 years, Andre continues to enjoy meeting with professionals and collaborating in the success of their projects.

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WoodWorks® Software –Analysis and Design for Wind and Seismic Loads using Shearwalls with Updates to CSA O86-14

Performing a complete lateral load analysis for a building is one of the most complex aspects of structural design. WoodWorks® Shearwalls software allows engineers to quickly generate wind and seismic loads according to the NBC 2010 and design wood-frame shearwalls according to CSA O86-09 or -14. Deflection of shearwalls and force distribution based on flexible and rigid diaphragm distribution methods, including torsion, are just some of the topics that will be discussed and demonstrated. Along with an overview and demonstration of the Shearwalls software, an explanation of the updated technical changes in conformance to CSA O86-14 will be presented.

Please note this session is tailored for Structural Engineers






Adam-headshotAdam Robertson, M.A.Sc, P.Eng. , Manager, Codes and Standards (Structural Engineering and Sustainability), Canadian Wood Council, Ottawa, ON

Adam joined the Canadian Wood Council in 2011.  He completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto and also holds a Master of Applied Science degree from the Department of Wood Science at the University of British Columbia.  Adam is involved in CWC’s building code and standards initiatives, the revision of CWC’s design tools and publications and is also responsible for the ongoing development of the WoodWorks® Software for both Canada and the United States.

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Kevin Rocchi, MASc, E.I.T., Technical Service Specialist, Codes and Standards (Structural Engineering), Canadian Wood Council, Ottawa, ON

Kevin joined the Canadian Wood Council in 2014 and holds the position of Technical Service Specialist.  He completed both his Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering (COOP) and his Master of Applied Science degrees at the University of Ottawa.  Kevin is involved in the revision of CWC’s design tools and publications and he is also responsible for the technical support of the WoodWorks® Software for both Canada and the United States.




Creative Applications of Wood in Transit Structures




The Revival of Timber Bridges – The Carbon Friendly Solution

This presentation will seek to provide an overview of timber bridge design and restoration and highlight the carbon benefits as well as cost and function. The presentation will bring to focus railway, highway and pedestrian bridges and discuss advanced material methods like high strength fiber reinforced timber bridges.




Dan Tingley, Senior Wood Technologist / Structural Engineer, Ph.D., P.Eng., MIEust, CPEng., RPEQ, Wood Research and Development (WRD) Oregon, USA and Caboolture, QLD, Australia


Dr. Dan Tingley graduated from University of New Brunswick with a B. Sc. F.E. and later a M.Sc.C.E. Following this in the 90’s Tingley finished his Ph.D. in wood technology and structural engineering at Oregon State University. He has worked in the wood products field for 40 years. He currently serves as senior engineer for Wood Research and Development and Advanced Research and Development and makes his base in Portland Oregon. He has won the Civil Engineering Research Foundation’s Charles Pankow Award for Structural Innovation as well as the Nova Award for all construction products issued by Construction Innovation Forum for his pioneer work in high strength fiber reinforcement of wood and wood composites. Tingley holds over 40 patents worldwide and has over 125 referred and non referred publications. He specializes in timber structures design and restoration with a significant interest in timber bridges. He is currently acting as senior engineer providing oversight on 20 timber bridge restoration projects world-wide.

Crawford Dewar, Manager of Engineering, Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.

Crawford Dewar has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing fiberglass composite materials in applications including ballistic, implosion, explosion, hardening, bridges, bridge decks, abutments, wing walls, approach slabs, mill slabs, new designs including Wharfs, piers, parking garage, balconies, basement walls.

Mike Beauchamp, EWP Canadian Sales Manager, Barrette Structural, Quebec, QC

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2014-15 North American Wood Design Awards

Find your wood design inspiration. The projects featured in this presentation showcase innovative uses of wood in both commercial and residential designs. Unique one-of-a-kind buildings will be presented, as well designs that can be easily and cost-effectively replicated.









Wood is often discounted by engineers in comparison to concrete,  due to woods brittle failure acting as a one way plate, providing no composite action,  susceptible to condition loads on bridges such as water penetration, post tensioning relaxation and creep.  It is compelling to consider wrapping wood with epoxy reinforced fiberglass that encapsulates the wood, resulting in a product at 590kg/m3 at 800 MPa, provides ductile failure,  two way plate action that is in full composite action with steel girders or no girders as a rigid slab 508mm deep that can span 12m under full truck loading.



Crawford Dewar, Manager of Engineering, Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.

Crawford Dewar has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing fiberglass composite materials in applications including ballistic, implosion, explosion, hardening, bridges, bridge decks, abutments, wing walls, approach slabs, mill slabs, new designs including Wharfs, piers, parking garage, balconies, basement walls.

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